Emporium of Ideas & Innovation Foundation

We’re on a mission impossible to break down barriers to life, intelligence, and freedom with meaningful and transformational educational opportunities and interactions for real-life learning with real-life people sharing real-life greatness.

Our Vision

To engage people with extraordinary activities and interactions for real-life learning, resources, and meaningful happenings in a cooperative movement where everybody is an artist contributing to shaping the Renew Oshawa Experience.

Our Mission

To operate a community learning network and drop in centre that provides improvised platforms and programs for real-life learning, and resources which demonstrates the reality and desirability for life, intelligence, and freedom.

Guiding Principles

Our principles are what lead us in working together to deliver valuable programs and services to the community:

We come to understand the creative expression through value in contrast, and balance in variety. It’s from variety and contrast, our preferences or desires are born.

We honor everyone’s contribution, opportunity to evolve, and choice to leave to pursue their own vision.

We are a creative community that understands everyone will bring their own baggage and culture beliefs into a team project; and the community glue is about learning to work together, being a part of something greater than ourselves, and focus on getting the work done with best result.

We are humble leaders helping (not meddling) for everyone to discover their vision, and in doing so, allow them to see how they can use their skills and talent to contribute to reaching their highest potential.

In our creative environment, we are all artists – in which we express creatively, evermore adding to the workshop of imagination.

As artist rising together, we can appreciate diversity of beliefs and desires – in which contributes to more expansive, satisfying, and fulfilling experiences.

Our Values

Our values influence who we work with, how we behave and how we all work together to a single vision. These things are important to us:

We value equality, shared decision-making, equal opportunity, power-sharing, and personal responsibility.

Responsibility to Learners

Recognizing everybody is a student with different abilities, so priority is an environment and support to enable students discover their talent, expand skill-sets, and become their greatest version.


Imagination is fueled by desires and passion to manifest thoughts out of action. by aligning life with thoughts we create create the reality from intention and discipline. We visualize the outcome we are evoking.

Creative Community

We reach out for creativity, unconventionality warmth and friendship while intellectually the emphasis on mindfulness, humor and care.

Brutal Honesty

Everyone should share how they feel, let it out before it bottles up inside and emotions explore over something fickle. A conversation storm allows for openness and settle misunderstandings.

Roving leadership

Everybody is a leader encouraging, promoting, working and sharing in the successes and breaking down barriers to live our dreams.

Higher Knowledge

We merge ideas with purpose, a mission with goals. The best ideas are collaborated and connected with life, intelligence, and freedom.


Commitment to honoring ourselves and respecting others ability to perform at their greatest level.

Freedom and Discovery

Supporting the freedom to pursue knowledge that is based on individual and collective intelligence, curiosity, ingenuity and creativity.

Programs & Services

Emporium of I and I offer a range of improvised programs and services for the art of education and the art of community. These programs and services focus on leveraging and expanding the expertise of artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, building community, and encouraging ideas & innovation for a new economy of creative collaborations.

“If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti



About Us

Emporium of I and I, is a grassroots experiment To engage people with extraordinary activities and interactions for real-life learning, resources, and meaningful happenings in a cooperative movement where everybody is an artist contributing to shaping the Renew Oshawa Experience

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