Vision Document

Vision Statement

EOII is a grassroots experiment to be the 10% that successfully forms an intentional community, an artist’s collective living space, for a New Bohemia and Combines Generation. As an organic collective of great groups and individuals in the arts community, creative economy and civil society- we value a cooperative culture that evolves the art of expression and human experience that compliments Oshawa as a Creative and Green City.

Vision Document

EOII is a grassroots experiment to gather a great group of artists, entrepreneurs, urban dwellers and community leaders dedicated to sharing & creating a vibrate arts community, a New Bohemia & Combine Generation in downtown Oshawa. The goal is to mobilize the grassroots within the arts community to be the 10% that successfully forms a community-based not for profit.

We believe that one of the most effective methods to spread a “Combine Generation” is with a cooperative culture, working together with other arts based community groups and individuals, businesses, not-for-profits, charities and government agencies – in an art of expression and experiences, teaching everybody is an artist, co-creating this dream together. LIVE-LEARN-GROW.

We seek to do this through a few different projects. The primary operational focus is providing a Knowledge Cafe and Free School as an aid in studying ‘various topics’ and sharing our experiences and grow the knowledge base to support artists, creative businesses and community animators. In addition, we formed Earth Love for small miracle projects, where we are offering volunteer services and outreach to share ideas that inspire others to be artists, discover their hidden talent and “feel so great to be alive.”. Because everyone is important and has something to contribute to the world.

We operate through partnerships and a network within the Oshawa arts community to promote programs and services to benefit artists, entrepreneurs and community advocates. We produce various open-source projects to keep our ideas fresh and give creators opportunities with skills, tools and resources to create their thing. our content creators own and control their products or projects and have access to a support worker to execute. Some services will be fee based, so that profit can be re-invested into better tools and resources for operation. Donations, grants and fundraisers are additional revenue streams.

We have a decentralization and meritocracy organizational structure and our decision.making is based on consensus. We value “the wisdom of crowds.” We are always looking for new members ready to put a dent in the Universe; to help and network with other great groups or individuals in the art community through coordinating and collaborating on operational aspects of projects that provides value and exposure to those interested in being artists, starting creative businesses and leading or joining community endeavors.

While EOII is still in its birthing stage, we recognize there will be challenges by haters who insist on a “Dirty Shwa” or members of the arts community with a different vision of a New Bohemia and Combine Generation or other ways how to revitalize mutual learning and joy in the arts, culture and heritage sectors in Oshawa.

There is no orthodoxy or cookie cutter approach to a grassroots movement except for a desire to change from a culture of  “anxiety and art” into some kind of “new age of enlightenment.” Who knows what that will look like, but we’ll know it by its “joy and enthusiasm” in the world.


  • A not for profit artist community that operates as a lounge and improvised workshop for the advancement of education, entrepreneurship, and community wealth building initiatives.


  • Good processes for a solid organization structure
  • Start-up budget: business/community assets, legal and financial documents, measure long-term cost, how lenders get money back, entrepreneurial risk, common vision or purpose and clear about decision-making
  • Healing disenfranchised individuals and communities with self-empowering and transformative projects
  • Low cost methods to creating workshops, activities
  • programs and services to assist in artists find their talent, expand skills, and grow community wealth
  • arts/culture community wealth fund to oshawa artists to start up a business venture downtown. this kinda procurement creates enthusiasm, organizes creative groups to create a happening. boost tourism and attractiveness to vacant store lots. there should be constraints to ensure efficiency of the creation and value deliver.
  • Networking and Mentoring in the Community offering career counselling and employment support to persons in creative community who have barriers to employmen


  • Improvisations, fringe theatre, buskers, frugality, intentional community, contributionalism, vegan, co-housing, off the grid, DIY, free school, tiny houses, ecological ideas, medical cannabis, accessibility advocacy


  • Low consumption lifestyle and be financially free, health is wealth, expanding the marketplace of ideas, enhancing community wealth, creating a community wealth or local artisan fund, greater access to skills, tools and resources for artists, creative businesses and community groups,


  • To help everyone discover their vision, and in doing so, allow them to see how they can use their skills and talent to contribute to a new combine generation.
  • In our creative environment, we are all artists – in which we express creatively, evermore adding to the workshop of imagination.
  • As artist coming together in the workshop of imagination, we can appreciate diversity of beliefs and desires – in which contributes to more expansive, satisfying, and fulfilling experiences.


  • We are all artists with a gift to share in co-creating this dream together.
  • We reach out for creativity, unconventionality warmth and friendship while intellectually the emphasis on mindfulness, humor and care.
  • We come to understand the creative expression through value in contrast, and balance in variety. It’s from variety and contrast, our preferences or desires are born.
  • We honor everyone’s contribution, opportunity to evolve, and choice to leave to pursue their own vision.
  • We understand everyone will bring their own baggage and culture beliefs to a group. But its about learning to work together, being a part of something greater than ourselves, and focus on getting the work done with best result impacting a greater creative and green City of Oshawa.
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