Live, Learn, and Grow. Everybody is an artist contributing their unique gift to the world.

Emporium of I and I was first conceptualized by Adam White in 2010. The big idea is an experimental grassroots led organization of creative collaborators with a sense of curiosity and adventure for knowledge and cultural activities in a cooperative movement, that puts art, culture, and community at the heart of the Oshawa Experience.

The themes are: New Bohemia and Combine Generation, The Age of Enlightenment, Waldorf School, and Black Mountain College. This vision document explores further the hopes, the dreams that EOII desires to be.

The aim is to form a great group that provides services and improvised programs for educational opportunities and interactions that enhance: life, intelligence, and freedom. We are aligning ourselves in a bigger cooperative moment Renewing the Oshawa Experience.

The work we would do is geared towards leveraging expertise from the arts and culture sector, community partners, social businesses, and academia for a new economy of community wealth building projects, initiative and campaigns.

The platforms and programs to do this are:

  • knowledge cafes
  • free school workshops
  • community care outreach and mini-miracle initiatives
  • coordinating activities with community organizations

The goal is to promote, support, and advance knowledge, experiences, and resources – for artists to nurture their talents, expand skill-sets, explore cultural activities, growing a marketplace of ideas, and coming together for creative solutions to increase social well-being and wholeness in Oshawa.

EOII aims to be a community learning network, and is recruiting members to form a board of directors, and register as a not-for-profit organization in Oshawa.

Our Team

Adam White
Founder, Executive Director

Contact us

Please contact info@eoii.org with comments and queries regarding our programs and services, and have further question about: who we are, what we do, and how to get involved.

Get involved

Interested in working for EOII? There are many ways that you can “get involved”, and here are some ideas! You can:

  • joining a co-working project, gaining teamwork and leadership experience, and spring board into your own career
  • contributing your talent to the art of learning and the art of community to shape the Oshawa Experience
  • donate and sponsor to an EOII project, campaign, and initiave
  • apply to be a volunteer member, advisor, seeker on a EOII Committee, Working Group, or stand for election to our volunteer Board of Director

Visit our membership page for information on becoming a member.


EOII has a goal to form as registered non-profit organization as a viable financial model. As not-for-profit organization – donors and angel investors would see a community business with structure as a good investment.

EOII has a goal to form partnership with local community organizations for support on improvised projects and initiatives.

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