Do You Get Enough Nutrients On A Plant-Based Diet? Whenever you talk to your friends, family, or even to yourself, about taking animal products out from your diet, one of the most common thoughts after perhaps “I just can’t do that” or “I love cheese (or bacon)”, is that you may think that a plant-based dietContinue reading “CAN YOU THRIVE ON A PLANT-BASED DIET? | Dr. Sebi”

How To Speak With Confidence To Absolutely Anyone | Medium

Like all skills, learning to speak with confidence is something you can master over time and with practice. There are many components to effective communication, including your voice’s pitch, tone, and rhythm, as well as non-verbal cues like your facial expressions and posture. Even learning to use silence and pauses can help you make yourContinue reading “How To Speak With Confidence To Absolutely Anyone | Medium”

D.Partnership Led Model

From Designing innovative business models: Five emerging meta-modelsBy: Karla Straker 2013 The creation of partnerships can be a powerful driver for afirm’s strategy as it allows them to utilise external resources and capabilities. Partnerships can allow a firm to co-create value and often lead to exposure to a wider marketplace,reduction of costs, and can alsoContinue reading “D.Partnership Led Model”

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By Daniel Müller-Komorowska

Hope found in M.E.

ME/cfs and Chronic Illness in Midlife, with Faith, Humour and HOPE

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Beyond Human💫

The Art Or Endeavour Of Being Lucid In A World We Live In... Secrets Of The Psychics... Energy, Universe, Futurism, Film, Empowerment...Digital Abstract Art Rendering...