How does a person become a member?

Our members can be volunteers,  advisors, seekers, or on the Board of Directors. The membership process is geared toward helping both the community and the individual or group applying for membership to understand each other, as fully as possible.

From starting as a provisional member (volunteer, advisor) to intermin member (seeker) becoming a permanent Full Member (Board of Directors) requires signing a Memo on Understanding (M.O.U.) and Policy Agreements, and review process by all members by consensus; upon signing M.O.U.- time is given to the individual or group to explore the EOII business activities without yet applying for membership. All EOII members, including the original founders, go through this process of trial membership and consensus discussion of each new membership stage.

Most memberships fringe benefits is being apart of a great group, gaining knowledge and experiences, mentorship, ownership in their work, access to resources, and contributing to evolving and expanding of arts, culture, and creative economy revitalizing Oshawa and Durham Region.

EOII membership involves explicit acceptance of all EOII agreements, consensus agreement among current EOII members on admission of the new member to each new membership stage, a financial and pragmatic review to ensure that it is possible to take on the new member at a given time, a clearness committee that discusses the member’s feelings and concerns about membership, and signing legal documents to become part of the partnership. The successful culmination of a membership process is admission as a Full Member, with the celebration that step deserves.

Members who violate community agreements can be expelled by consensus agreement of the rest of the community. A provisional membership can be cut short if it’s clear that it isn’t working out, again by consensus.

We consider membership to be a serious commitment, and feel that a thoughtful and well-planned membership process prevents many potential problems from ever occurring. Our current membership process will be available online soon.

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