Community Exchange Network

Responding to knowledge and community needs for inclusiveness, cultural diversity, and social well-being.

The Community Exchange Network (CEN) is an open sourced service responding to knowledge and community needs from individuals and communities with the best and most current articles, reports, and networks available  – which enables those seeking to live self-sufficient, empowered, and living in thriving communities.

There are four branches of CEN:

What Does Community Exchange Network Do

    • We connect people to knowledge, tools, and resources for creative collaboration
    • We help communities put solutions in place
    • We engage diverse voices, perspectives, and populations
    • We work with our community partners to break down barriers to access learning, community, and funding needs
    • We continuously evolve to deliver better programs and services, building partnerships, and being apart of a cooperative movement

How Community Exchange Network Works

EOII builds close relationships with experts in the arts community, social businesses, academia, and personal empowerment field to ensure access to the most up-to-date knowledge, tools, techniques, and resources are available in our Knowledge Hub, Learning Hub, Community Participation, and Open Data sections.

By using the Community Exchange Network online form, you will be connected with a knowledge broker who will work with you to match you with a program and/or service, to meet your knowledge and community needs.

CEN goals are:

    • creating a clear, meaningful community learning and living network database which reflects the scope of knowledge and community needs.
    • EOII staff receives the best education and training to respond directly and share the appropriate content
    • and evolve and expand the experts in our registry who have the skills and knowledge to address your social health and community living needs.



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