Sunday FunDay and A Week of Birthday

This Sunday, concluded my 37th birthday-week-long marathon. My Mom, Dad and I drove to Colburg, to visit my sister Rose-bud and Darrell. It was some good famJAM. We ate Dominoes pizza, bread bites, chicken balls, and wings. I had a caramel and crumbles birthday cake.  Rose and Darrell got me a funny bday card and BlueContinue reading “Sunday FunDay and A Week of Birthday”

2017 culture summit at the arts resource centre

schedule of events 6pm – culture meet-up (green room) 6:30pm – welcome ceremony led by rick bourque, traditional knowledge keeper 7pm – introductions remarks from major john henry and deputy mayor/councilor bob champman -city update on culture counts: arts, culture, and heritage plan by catherine richards cultural leadership council(clc) update by derek giberson, chair ofContinue reading “2017 culture summit at the arts resource centre”

Community Garden is Community Growing

Thursday, September 21, 2017 – Wegrowfood, had a community potluck and drum circle at Alexandria Bounty Community Garden today. I had just recently joined the Alexandria Bounty Community Garden Facebook group after learning about it from Pepper Patch Community Garden Facebook group. I mentioned that i would bring my jembe and some beet flavored potatoContinue reading “Community Garden is Community Growing”

I Love Oshawa

*UPDATE: Emporium of I and I Mugs “I Love Oshawa”, for some residents its too hard to say, because they seem to have joy about calling Oshawa ‘The Dirty Shwa’ or ‘Armpit of Ontario.’ Language is a big part of culture, its how society understands or identifies with itself, other communities, towns, Cities, etc. IContinue reading “I Love Oshawa”

Culture Meet up at Berry Hill Food Company and Other Happenings

Sunday September, 17, 2017 – I attended 3rd Culture Meet-up of the year at Berry Hill Food Company, 82 King Street West, Oshawa, hosted by the Cultural Leadership Council! It was a fun atmosphere. I knew most the attendees. We all work in the arts, culture or heritage sector. We wore name tags. That wasContinue reading “Culture Meet up at Berry Hill Food Company and Other Happenings”

Catch The DRIFF

The DRIFF is here, the Durham Region International Film Festival. The Durham Region Film Festival (DRIFF) began in 2015 as a locally focused event, held at two distinct venues to showcase the remarkable world of films and filmmaking. Taking full advantage of Durham’s cultural landscape, it was held at the elegant Regent Theatre and extraordinaryContinue reading “Catch The DRIFF”

Adding RSS to

As I fill out with content, I want to utilize tools to make the distribution of information easier and user friendly. In the WordPress theme I’m using, InkHive, I have te option to add 5 social icons to link to social media. RSS is a new format to me I wanted to experiment with.Continue reading “Adding RSS to”

The Cycle at 61 Charles Street

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – was the kick off of The Cycle – a community arts event put together by Oshawa Arts Association and Rick Kerr. The theme was “Without hope, there is no motivation.” The Cycle, located at vintage Alger Press Building on 61 Charles Street. 50 artists of all genres and many cultures.Continue reading “The Cycle at 61 Charles Street”

Website Improvements, A Labour of Love

Since the jumpstarting of on Monday September 11, 2017, I been spending time everyday relearning how to tweak using WordPress to be a great portal of capturing happenings, stories and knowledge about arts and culture movement downtown. Some improvements into worth mentioning are: -Social media icons on top centre of page, linkingContinue reading “Website Improvements, A Labour of Love”

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